still waiting...

Some of you that follow this blog are fellow military wives - hooo-ahhh!!
I originally started this blog as a way to not only share with my friends and family the craziness of my life, but I also hoped to help other military families get through some of the tougher times that this life brings.

Right now I am awaiting our first PCS since my husband rejoined the military. We are headed to South Korea...well, at least that's what I am told. Unfortunately, the Command Sponsorship (CS) process (that is what says that the dependents of the servicemember get to go with) is not so great. We applied for CS in April, after a ridiculous physical and a ton of paperwork, we were told to sit and wait for an answer....and, here we sit...and sit...and sit. Sometimes, you just get tired of waiting, you know?
So, after waiting for 50 some days we called Korea (I haven't had the strength to look and see how much Verizon charged us for that one!). After a few hangups, J finally got ahold of someone who was willing to look up some info! This led to some more confusion as apparently he was no longer assigned to the same unit as he once was...this supposedly was what caused the delay. I'm not sure where the paperwork goes from there, but my husband was told that the unit would most likely be signing off on it that day.
That was last Tuesday or Wednesday...and here we sit...again.

So, I am not sure that this post is the most helpful for other military wives, other than to tell them...find some patience somewhere!

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