Oakley wants to go too!

Jeff is headed to the field this week, Oakley thought he should go too.

Going to the field from Kaci Welch on Vimeo.


P1010249.JPG by armywifeontheprairie
P1010249.JPG, a photo by armywifeontheprairie on Flickr.

Sleepiest puppy ever.

Let's see how this goes...

I'm back! So far...
This Armywife is still on the Prairie, just a different one!
Last week O and I made the move from Sioux Falls, S. Dakota to Camp Humphreys, S. Korea! Our new city is just south of Seoul and is a lot like Sioux Falls - bustling town with surrounding rural area.
Here is my last view from our apartment in Sioux Falls:
And here's Pyeongtaek!

I will try my darndest to keep updating on our new adventures!!
<3 kw