get money for shopping with ebates!

Okay...so IF I have any readers out there...if you could please do this, I really appreciate it!
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If you've never seen ebates before - it's AWESOME! I have earned nearly 120 dollars CASH since joining 1.5 years ago and I love it! Basically what you do is every time you are going to do some online shopping, go to ebates first, find the store that you were going to shop at and click through to their site...not only can you still use any coupons you were going to use, but you also get whatever percentage back ebates is running for that site! 
For instance, the other day I had a gap coupon for 20% off...so I went to ebates and clicked on gap (11% back), completed my order as usual, and then received the 11% back to my account!! Soon, what they call A BIG FAT CHECK will come in the mail with my quarterly earnings...

(also, if you sign up by clicking the link above, I have a chance to win an ipad ... and I would be ever so grateful!!)


Oh My Cupcakes!

I had been reading about the Stuffed French Toast cupcake at Oh My Cupcakes! here in Sioux Falls all week...so, today was the day!
I went in...only to be told they were not on the line up today (SAD!) but then a sweet cupcake-superhero saved the day by telling me that she had one left and some cinnamon buttercream (gasp! cinnamon buttercream?!) that she could quick smear on ... it just wouldn't be pretty... of course, I agreed!

Sitting here in my post-cupcake high watching this week's ANTM on "Ugly-Pretty" - definitely this cupcake! But it totally didn't matter that it was a bit "Ugly-Pretty" (by the way, that's a good thing), it was AMAZING!!

Imagine your favorite cinnamon muffin, fill it with cream cheesy deliciousness and then top it with .... wait for it....

Thanks so much to the cupcake-superhero over at Oh My Cupcakes! for allowing me to have the last one!!

Oh, and Oakley had a little too - he also is a big fan!


Still waiting...

So, we have gotten pre-orders to PCS to Yongsan in Seoul, Korea...that was back in March...still waiting for real orders and my orders to accompany my husband.
I hope to let everyone know the process of TDY to PCS as soon as I know anything!!