I finished another project. Oakley likes to escort J to the recruiting office while J does that when he is home. Since he will be home in 1.5 weeks (can't wait!), I thought it was necessary that Oakley add to his wardrobe of Army gear (see the other uniform here).
He didn't really want to get his picture taken today, which is obvious by the following pics.

So excited that they actually turned out - NO ONE sells digital camo stuff for dogs (only boring hunting camo, ew)


still waiting...

Some of you that follow this blog are fellow military wives - hooo-ahhh!!
I originally started this blog as a way to not only share with my friends and family the craziness of my life, but I also hoped to help other military families get through some of the tougher times that this life brings.

Right now I am awaiting our first PCS since my husband rejoined the military. We are headed to South Korea...well, at least that's what I am told. Unfortunately, the Command Sponsorship (CS) process (that is what says that the dependents of the servicemember get to go with) is not so great. We applied for CS in April, after a ridiculous physical and a ton of paperwork, we were told to sit and wait for an answer....and, here we sit...and sit...and sit. Sometimes, you just get tired of waiting, you know?
So, after waiting for 50 some days we called Korea (I haven't had the strength to look and see how much Verizon charged us for that one!). After a few hangups, J finally got ahold of someone who was willing to look up some info! This led to some more confusion as apparently he was no longer assigned to the same unit as he once was...this supposedly was what caused the delay. I'm not sure where the paperwork goes from there, but my husband was told that the unit would most likely be signing off on it that day.
That was last Tuesday or Wednesday...and here we sit...again.

So, I am not sure that this post is the most helpful for other military wives, other than to tell them...find some patience somewhere!


As promised....Spin Pins!

Okay, now I sort of forgot to post this with all the chaos surrounding the rummage, no CS orders, and the holiday....but here it is!

Goody Spin Pins...seriously the coolest summer find yet!

Now, they may look pretty unextraordinary...but, really, you just have to try it!

Here is how I normally do a bun-ish like thing with my hair that refuses to grow:

Now, first off, sorry for the lame picture...have you ever tried to take a picture of the back of your own head? It's difficult - I don't suggest it...
So, the bun-ish like thing that I have done for the last 5+ years works...but...wait for it...

So much cuter!! And it can do a low bun, low and to the side, french twist like thing, awesome stuff!
They are only 6 bucks at Target (not sure if Walgreens/Walmart, etc. have them, but I am sure they do), the package comes with 2, but my short (did I mention it refuses to grow!?!) and thin-ish hair can only handle one at a time...

p.s. Goody/Target unfortunately does not give me any sort of kick-back for support of their product, I just really really like it!

Oops...We've been a little busy

So I have obviously abandoned you all - sorry!
We had a rummage sale...yes, that was my brilliant idea! Little did I remember that they are a TON of work!
While we did bring in some dough, the most important part is we got rid of a lot of junk!!! WOO HOO! Such a great feeling!

Oakley joined us on Saturday. After awhile, he found a comfy spot...too bad TJ probably wasn't as comfy:

(taken with the Droid)
btw, see that THING behind my brother there...yes, we built an entire clothes rack (not so affectionately named the Monster) just for the sale! We also had a dressing room...if you're going to do it, might as well go wild!

Big thanks to everyone that helped with the sale (especially Mom, Dad, and TJ!), let us borrow your tables, etc!