Home...sans luggage :(

Well, I just got back from visiting my husband in AZ for a week...last night was ridiculous airport hell. The  flight into Tucson was late, therefore our flight out of Tucson was really late - which made me miss the flight back to Sioux Falls. United put me up in a room and gave me a voucher for one meal, but then the shuttle to the hotel was an hour wait - plus the 45 minute ride to the hotel! Oh, and then about 5 other flights got messed up last night about the same time so EVERYONE was trying to go to the same hotel and check into the same hotel...awful.
I finally got to sleep (sorry, but Sleep Number beds are way too complicated) and woke up early this morning to get back to the airport so that I WOULD NOT miss my flight. I went and hung out at the Rocky Mountain USO - so nice! - boarded my practically empty flight back to Sioux Falls, went downstairs to see my mom waiting for me - and NO BAG! Seriously?!?!
That was 12:30, I put a claim through with United, supposedly my bag had other ideas and decided to vacation in MSP...nice. I just hope that by the time it shows up, my stuff is still there - that is EVERY cute summer outfit I have - not to mention all my makeup!
I am just thankful that I decided not to take Oakley on this trip....that would have been bad.

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